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St. Louis and St. Charles County Elder Law Attorneys Offer Elder Care & Asset Protection

Our elder law attorneys specialize in this branch of law because they are committed to helping elders and their families. We handle all types of issues around protecting the health and finances of our respected senior citizens.

Some of the services we provide related to Elder Law are:

How Our St. Louis and St. Charles County Elder Law Attorneys Can Help

We understand that many times, families did not foresee the issues they are now faced with regarding the care and well-being of their loved ones. As the elder law attorneys at Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal work through the legal issues, we will also provide families with references to agencies and facilities that we trust to provide the quality care our clients need.

Our goal is to help our clients get legal issues resolved, the legal documents they need in place, and the assistance they and their families need to get on with enjoying the rest of their lives.

Contact Our Elder Law Attorneys to Schedule Your Consultation

No matter where you are in Missouri, you can contact us to schedule an initial consultation. We respond promptly to your e-mail messages and keep meeting schedules flexible for your convenience.

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Debra K. Schuster

Elder Care & Asset Protection Law Articles

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