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St. Louis Immigration Through Investment Attorneys

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St. Louis Immigration Through Investment Attorneys

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Helping Those Seeking U.S. Permanent Residency (“Greencard”)

In 1990, Congress created a visa category called the EB-5 visa category, designed to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to create jobs for U.S. workers. There are 10,000 of these visas available every year for investors who wish to establish new commercial ventures in this country, or who want to invest in a government-sanctioned Regional Center.

At Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal, P.C., we are committed to providing clients with accurate, in-depth analysis of applications for investor visas. Our St. Louis immigration through investment attorneys offer honest, straightforward advice and assessments, letting each client know what options are available. Qualifying for an EB-5 visa can be difficult, but we will work hard to help you pursue this visa.

To speak with our experienced St. Louis and Clayton, MO immigration attorneys, please call 314-727-2266, toll free 888-766-9714 or contact our law firm online.

Investment Visa Requirements

As with all employment-based immigration visas, there are very specific requirements that applicants must meet in order to qualify for an investor visa. When you visit us, we will explain them to you in detail. Here are a few general points:

  • The individual must invest in a new commercial enterprise
  • The individual must invest at least $1 million in a new business (or $500,000 if investing in a high unemployment or rural area)
  • The applicant must show that at least 10 full-time jobs will be created for U.S. workers
  • The investor must show that the money used for the investment was “lawfully gained.” This normally is shown through the use of tax returns or evidence of sale of property

A person who obtains an EB-5 visa, as well as his or her spouse and unmarried minor children, may receive a conditional green card, setting them on the path to permanent residency, if desired.

The Regional Center Program

To encourage immigration through foreign investment, the government designates Regional Centers that pool foreign investor capital and invest in projects. Our St. Louis immigration attorneys can explore various centers with clients in an effort to make sure the center is legitimate and reputable.

Contact a St. Louis Permanent Residency Attorney

If you have questions about obtaining U.S. residency through investment or through any other means, we are here to answer them. Call us at 314-727-2266, toll free 888-766-9714 or contact our law firm online. Weekend and evening appointments are available for your convenience.

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