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10 Mistakes Parents Make in Custody Cases

By October 8, 2011July 21st, 2023Alisse Camazine Featured, Child Custody
Excerpt from article written by Alisse C. Camazine. Follow this link to read the full article.

Divorce is a traumatic time for everyone. The divorce attorney’s goal is to help clients navigate through this process with the least amount of emotional damage to them and to their children. Unfortunately, we have observed too many parents that speak and act before thinking about the consequences of their actions. The children become victims, with lifelong pain. Help your children survive.

1.     Don’t make your child choose between parents.

2.     Don’t mix up your issues and your children’s.

3.     Listen to your spouse’s point of view.

4.     Be flexible with the children’s time.

5.     Don’t use your children as messengers.

6.     Don’t fall prey to your children’s manipulation.

7.     Be careful what you say.

8.     Don’t introduce your children to a new partner until you are really sure that it is serious.

9.     Think twice before having a judge decide your case.

10.   Consider counseling for your children.



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