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Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal, P.C. Celebrates Their 20th Anniversary

By November 18, 2014July 21st, 2023Announcements

Twenty years ago, Don Paule, Alisse Camazine, Tom Blumenthal, and twelve other attorneys established Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal, P.C. By the end of our first year, with support staff and attorneys, we totaled about thirty people. Today, nine of those thirty are still with us, and with a law firm that now totals just under seventy, we are proudly celebrating our twentieth anniversary.

We started with a goal of creating a firm that consistently gives its clients legal counsel and services that meet the highest standards of excellence and long-term satisfaction. Many of our clients from 1994 are still with us, and we are as proud of them as we are of our staff.

Under our firm philosophy, we strive to reject hierarchy, respecting diversity and individuality, and we emphasize teamwork, which is especially important to us and to our clients. We do not define ourselves as a firm with a particular niche, but we work at providing as many of the services for our clients as they need, or cooperating with others when they need services we do not provide.

To make sure that we have a firm family that enjoys working together with our clients, we place great emphasis on making sure that each person who works here enjoys as much time as possible with their family at home. In doing so, we hope that each of the people in our firm, whether an attorney or support personnel, doesn’t lose sight of those things in life that are important for everyone. This includes community service in a variety of ways, helping those who are less fortunate in life and in the law.

Accessibility, understanding, responsiveness, integrity, respect, and trust are the values we strive to provide each day. These values apply to those we oppose as well as those we represent. As a result, we have had the good fortune to be recognized by our peers both individually and as a Tier 1 law firm, in national ratings in the Best Lawyers in America in categories of corporate law (Don Paule), municipal law (Keith Henson), family law (Alisse Camazine, Bruce Friedman, and Lisa Moore), arbitration and mediation (Tom Blumenthal), and alternate dispute resolution, collaborative law and family law mediation (Alan Freed). The state-wide Super Lawyers rating service has included most of these as well as, in the family law category, Allison Schreiber Lee, in the municipal defense category, and over the years in the rising star category, Pete Gianino and Melissa Nolan (immigration), Lisa Moore, Dave Slaby, Amy Hoch Hogenson, and Ryan Munro (family law). Alisse Camazine has been recognized in the top 50 lawyers in Missouri.

Twenty years now seems to have flown by, and we have renovated our office and are continuing our growth so that we can continue to serve our clients and the community for many years to come.


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