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New Perspective on Same Sex Couple Adoptions

By March 16, 2016July 21st, 2023Family Law, Susan Block Featured

By Susan Block

In the past few years same sex couples have been able to adopt children where one parent is the birth mother and the other parent is her partner. These are typically cases where the couple has given birth through in vitro fertilization and the birth certificate issued only reflects the birth mother.

Since the Supreme Court has ruled that same sex marriage is legal across our country, many same sex couples have gotten married in Missouri.  In addition, other same sex couples married in other states prior to this momentous decision are now recognized as being legal married under the full faith and credit provisions of the U.S. Constitution. This change in the recognition of their legal status will now allow them to have both parents listed on the birth certificate.

A lawyer experienced in dealing with same sex couple issues can assist you in having the birth certificate corrected to include the names of both parents.

The family law attorneys at Paule, Camazine &  Blumenthal offer a full range of services for all families, including those headed by same sex partners.


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