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Hiring a Private Investigator to Help Your Divorce Case

By Alisse C. Camazine

There are many times that a private investigator can help your case.   Do you think your spouse is having an affair?  Do you have reason to believe that there are hidden assets?  Do you believe that your spouse’s conduct is endangering the children?  Do you believe that your ex is cohabitating with someone while you are supporting your ex?  Do you believe that your spouse is really working when they say that they are not? Has your child been abducted? These are good reasons for hiring a PI.  But before you do that there are several things to understand.

First, while conduct is relevant and a consideration in dividing property in this state, court will usually not penalize someone to a large extent because of infidelity. Many clients believe that if there spouse is having an affair that they should receive the bulk of the property.  This generally will not happen.  There may be emotional reasons why you want to hire a PI.  You just might need to know if there is infidelity so that you can move on. Private investigators are expensive so discuss with your lawyer whether the costs outweigh the benefits.

Second, make sure you hire a Private investigator who will do things by the books.  There are laws that prohibit illegal wiretapping and surveillance of computers.  There are restrictions and laws on how certain information can be obtained regarding private financial information.    Make sure that your PI works within the bounds of the law.  Otherwise, you are creating problems for yourself and you may find that the information you paid for may not be admissible in court.

Third, Private investigators can offer much relevant information, especially in a custody case when there are concerns about abuse, neglect, and addiction.

PI’s are also able to collect information when you think there are hidden assets.  They have access to certain tools that we might not be able to access.

Before retaining a Private investigator, speak to your attorney.  Plan what you want to accomplish, so that you have a focused, streamlined, cost-effective plan.


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