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When Your Ex Threatens to File

By June 21, 2017November 29th, 2022Family Law

Many people have concerns about their ex taking them back to court. There is a myriad of reasons why someone may go back to court– to change a custody schedule or child support or maintenance, to hold someone in contempt for not doing what they are supposed to, to take them back to get an accounting of what the person should have paid but has not; the list goes on and on. So what’s a person to do if their ex takes them back? The first piece of advice is not to panic. And the second is to call an attorney.

But in the interim, when nothing has been filed, when you have not been served with court papers, when your ex may make threats but has taken no action, what is a person to do? The answer is simple: Live your life and do what’s right. Sitting around and stewing–wondering if the case will be filed or if the doorbell will ring with someone serving you papers–not only makes no difference in the outcome, but also robs you of your peace of mind. It gives the other person power over your life when you need to take control on your own. It often has you act in ways you would not, that may be harmful to your case, and that may not do you any good in the end.

When you are in a bad relationship, you often live in fear of what the next conflict will be. One of the great benefits of getting out of such a relationship is that you no longer have to face daily conflict and tension. Take advantage of that new freedom, and take comfort in the knowledge that you are doing what is right according to the court orders and the advice of counsel.

Instead of worrying “what if” your ex files a motion against you (which you cannot prevent them from doing), do your best to act in the best way possible. Don’t buy into the drama; don’t buy into the anger; don’t buy into the feeling that someone has something over you when you know you have done nothing wrong. Call an attorney to get information you need if something is filed, and then try your best to live without worrying about things you cannot control.

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