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Two Heads are Better than One—28, Even Better

By September 29, 2015July 21st, 2023Alan Freed Featured, Family Law

By Alan Freed

There are lots of lawyers in this country who practice their profession in many different settings and modes. I consider myself one of the lucky ones, and my good fortune benefits my clients. Here’s why:

I am a family law attorney and mediator. Over 32 years of practice, I’ve discovered, sometimes the hard way, that simply being familiar with the divorce-related laws on the books in Missouri does not suffice if I hope to be of service to my clients. While those laws create the general framework for courts to deal with divorce issues, they simply can’t cover every factual variation, because every family is unique and has unique problems to solve. Consequently, even a close study of the words in the statutes often can’t predict how the case will be resolved by a particular judge. What’s more, divorce cases always include problems outside of the divorce statutes, problems related to the couple’s income taxes, wills and estate plans, and businesses, to name but a few. That’s where my colleagues come into play.

At Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal, the firm I’ve practiced with since its founding, almost 22 years ago, we have grown from 15 to 28 lawyers, representing over 700 combined years of experience practicing law. That’s a lot of experience. So every time I deal with a novel or unique problem (and that happens on an almost daily basis), I can simply walk down the hall and consult with this living encyclopedia of legal knowledge.

My family law colleagues can tell me how they have seen judges deal with the issue I am facing or they can help come up with an effective strategy for approaching a problem, presenting a difficult concept to a judge, or negotiating a successful outcome.

But wait, it gets better. Those 28 lawyers possess a remarkably wide range of legal wisdom, not just in my area of family law, but also in corporate and transactional law, immigration, municipal law, intellectual property, taxes (including three CPAs), estate planning and probate, and charitable and non-profit organizations, among others. So when my client wants help with a tax issue or is trying to work out a problem related to her business or is considering how to write a will or trust, help is just a few steps away.

Sitting in my office, surrounded by all of these smart lawyers, makes me happy to come to work every day. Knowing that my clients will have the benefit of all of this good stuff makes me even happier.

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