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Top Five Things You SHOULD do During Divorce

By: Amy Rebecca Johnson

Going through a divorce can be overwhelming, as you find yourself confronted with a myriad of issues you never imagined you would be facing. You will undoubtedly hear advice from many well-meaning friends and relatives about how to conduct yourself. Here are a few steps you should consider taking:

1. Educate Yourself
Knowledge is power. Educating yourself is something that can and should begin before you even meet with an attorney. This includes understanding your finances so that you can ensure that during the process, you are fully protected.

2. Be Truthful
Although sometimes the truth can be difficult to talk about, getting caught in a lie or not telling your attorney the truth can seriously damage your case. YOU MUST ALWAYS TELL YOUR ATTORNEY THE TRUTH. What and how much you reveal to your spouse and children matters; your attorney can advise you on how much and which information is appropriate to share with your spouse and children.

3. Listen to Your Attorney
Your attorney understands the law and understands how decisions can affect the long term outcome of your case. While you may not always like what your attorney has to say, they have your best legal interests in mind.

4. Focus on the Big Picture
The decisions you make during the process will affect you and your children for many years, so it’s important to review documents and make decisions thoughtfully. Focus on the most important things—the children and your future—and not on the past. Listen to your attorney and know that a divorce done right takes time.

5. Find a Good Lawyer
You’ll be working with this critically important professional for many months. Do your research: Consult with friends, colleagues, therapists, and other professionals who have experience with the attorneys you are considering. Finding a skilled attorney who is best suited for your particular needs and your budget can make a huge difference in your case.

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