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Safe at Home – An Additional Way to Protect Yourself

By Amy Rebecca Johnson, with contribution by Caela M. Camazine*

Missouri’s Safe at Home program provides Missouri residents who are victims of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, human trafficking, stalking, or other similar crimes the ability to conceal their home addresses on legal documents and court records. The program provides victims with a different address, through the Missouri Secretary of State, by which they can receive their mail.

While the Safe at Home program cannot conceal an address already available on public records, such as something that might be found on a web search, the program allows participants to use the designated address on new government and court records such as driver’s licenses, social security records, and court records.

After calling 866.509.1409 or going to, applicants are connected with an Application Assistant to assist with the enrollment application process, which includes the applicant signing a statement attesting that they have good reason to believe they are a victim and that they may be subject to future harm. Once accepted, the Safe at Home participant receives a substitute address to be used as a mailing address and on government and court records. Mail received at the substitute address is forwarded to the participant.

For questions or concerns about issues related to Safe at Home or domestic violence, consider contacting a family law attorney at Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal P.C.


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