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Processing the divorce process

By March 21, 2013July 21st, 2023Divorce

When people are going through a divorce, they are often so focused on what’s happening to them that they forget to take care of themselves and the emotions that they are feeling. It’s important that, in addition to focusing on the whirlwind of divorce, you also focus on what your life will look like post-divorce. Many times this process involves not just contacting a good attorney, but also getting in touch with a therapist or trusted friend. While your attorney will help you handle the legal aspects of your divorce, talking about the impact of the divorce on your life in a constructive way is something I advise clients to seek.

During the divorce process, there are various emotions that will occur, some one at a time and others all at once. Sadness and anger, fear and hope, all are emotions that you may experience during the process. Divorce can take a year or more, so understanding the length of time that you may be caught in “limbo” can help you appreciate that what you are experiencing today is not necessarily something that you will hold on to forever. This is especially true with feeling angry or afraid. If you find a therapist to talk to, you can allay some of your fears about living your life as a single person and you can hopefully let go of some of the anger that you feel toward your spouse. Taking care of yourself and handling your emotions throughout the divorce will assist you in focusing on what your future can bring, rather than staying mired in the sadness of the end of your marriage.


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