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Keep Your Attorney Informed

By October 14, 2020November 29th, 2022Collaborative Family Law, Family Law

Paying your attorney for every six minutes can feel like an obstacle to communicating, but in fact, the more you communicate with your attorney, the less your ultimate bill may be. When you keep your attorney informed and you are working together on a strategy for your case, knowing that you are still both on the same page can save you money in the long run.

When my clients shoot me a quick email to address a potential problem ahead of time, it is usually more cost-effective than trying to undo an issue after the damage is done. Being proactive in litigation is one of the reasons you have an attorney—so they can try to see possible issues ahead of time, and address them to try to neutralize them.

When an attorney is trying to play catch-up with the facts and events in your life, and trying to mitigate or undo damage that has already been done because you didn’t consult with their attorney ahead of time, significant legal costs are likely to be incurred. Talking to your attorney to let them know your concerns or just checking in with them to keep them up to date on recent events allows your attorney to serve you better, and helps you to serve yourself and your family better, too.

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