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Just Be Yourself

By December 23, 2014July 21st, 2023Family Law

I recently read an article advising young attorneys that it is not always best to ”be yourself,” and that an attorney should “read” the client, and adjust his or her behavior to be similar to that of the client. In family law cases, at least, I disagree.

While a family law attorney may approach cases involving abuse or addiction differently from a case primarily involving financial issues, the attorney should still behave like him or herself. Good attorneys practice law in a way that is comfortable and natural to them. An attorney who is acting like himself is an attorney who believes in himself. Good attorneys do not mimic those they admire; they take best practices and incorporate them in their own practice to make themselves better. Nor do good attorneys mimic their clients; they take in their client’s concerns and issues and determine the best way to address those with the opposing attorney, opposing party, and the judge. Because these variables are different in each case, an attorney may adjust his or her approach, but at no point should the attorney stop being ”himself” or ”herself.”

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