I think I might be getting divorced. What do I do now?

By Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal, P.C. of Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal, P.C. posted in Divorce on Saturday, October 15, 2011.

By Allison Schreiber Lee

When I first had an inkling that things in my marriage were going poorly and that I might be headed for a divorce, I panicked. What do I do next? And I’m a lawyer, so you would think I should know, but at the time I did not practice family/divorce law. So I called a friend of mine who is a family law attorney. And that’s my first piece of advice- if you think you are going to get divorced or separated, go see an attorney. I have several clients whom I talk to on more than one occasion to offer advice on what they should be doing or planning in case their marriage ends.

How do you find a good divorce/family law attorney? My best advice is through word of mouth. Talk to your friends- chances are they know an attorney, even if it’s not a family law attorney, and that person can put you in touch with someone who specializes in family law. I encourage my potential clients to talk to more than one attorney, and to remember that it’s not all about who charges what fee; it’s really about being comfortable with your attorney, feeling like you can talk to them about questions, concerns, and problems- no matter how embarrassing. You may find that you connect with an attorney whose hourly rate is higher than someone else’s; you might feel like an attorney whose fees are less won’t give you the personal attention you deserve- and should insist upon. Either way, find an attorney you like, you trust and who you think will give you the information and attention you deserve.


Allison Schreiber Lee

Allison Schreiber Lee

Allison Schreiber Lee is a seasoned trial attorney and has been lead counsel in more than 40 jury trials. In 2011, Ms. Schreiber Lee was co-lead counsel in one of the longest jury trials in the history of the City of St. Louis. Ms. Lee has also tried more than 100 non-jury trials to verdict, including representation in divorce and modification hearings.
Allison Schreiber Lee

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