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Can same sex partners adopt children?

By September 6, 2012July 21st, 2023Adoption, Susan Block Featured

By Susan E. Block

In Missouri the adoption laws are all statutory. To determine who can adopt a child you must be guided by statutes. There is no prohibition against persons of the same sex adopting a child.

Any person may adopt another person as his or her child as long as they meet the requirements of law. Petitioners must have the ability to properly care for, maintain and educate such person.

In every case the Judge must make a determination that the prospective adoption would be in the best interests of the child. A guardian ad litem is appointed by the Judge to be the legal advocate for the best interest of the child.

The judge will consider the mandated home study which includes background checks, social and medical history of the petitioning parents and other important information.

If you are seeking an adoption of a child, it is important that you consult an attorney with expertise in this field. Handling an adoption is a delicate matter that is not only fraught with emotion, but requires great attention to detail, knowledge of the judicial culture, and individual evaluation of each case. Of course, everyone loves a happy ending or beginning, so it is a wonderful opportunity to represent those who seek to adopt.


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