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Alan Freed Speaks with Emile Flowers on Collaborative Divorce

Alan has been honored as the St. Louis Lawyer of the Year six times by Best Lawyers, three times in the field of Collaborative Law-Family Law, twice in the field of Family Law and once in the field of Mediation.  Alan Freed’s contributions to the field have been recognized by the Missouri Bar and other esteemed organizations. With his wealth of experience, Freed understands the importance of addressing financial and emotional problems in divorce cases to achieve faster and more positive outcomes.

At the core of Freed’s approach is the belief that emotions significantly impact mediation. Utilizing effective communication techniques and overcoming obstacles, he guides couples through the process, fostering understanding and mutual resolution.

Collaborative divorce, which involves interdisciplinary professionals working together, is regarded as the gold standard by Freed. This approach offers more positive outcomes by focusing on problem-solving and preserving family resources and parent-child relationships. Freed emphasizes the importance of considering multiple perspectives and aiming for an acceptable resolution for both parties, ensuring a brighter future beyond divorce.

If you’re looking for a more productive and forward-focused divorce experience, consider mediation or collaborative divorce with the guidance of an experienced attorney. Remember to seek advice from qualified professionals to guide you through this process and make informed decisions that will shape your future. Contact Alan Freed from Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal today to learn more.

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