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Block to be a Featured Panelist at Jewish Law & Ethics Symposium and Dinner

Paule Camazine & Blumenthal attorney Susan E. Block will be a featured panelist at the Jewish Law & Ethics Symposium and Dinner, June 6, 2019, at the Morris & Ann Lazaroff Chabad Center. Judge Block retired from the bench after 25 years of service, 1979-2004. She returned to the practice of law, concentrating on family law matters, including dissolution of marriage, paternity, custody, property, grandparents’ visitation, abuse and neglect, and school law.

Block will join Alan Pratzel, Missouri Chief Disciplinary Counsel, Isaac Amon, J.D., LL.M., S.D., and Rabbi Shmuel Klatzkin as “A Judge, a Lawyer and a Rabbi.”

The discussion will focus on slippery slopes, conflicts of interest and appearances of impropriety, comparing ethics in Talmudic and American jurisprudence.


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